Jeanne Renée Deneuve, known professionally as Renée-Jeanne Simonot, was a French actress and voice artist. She was married to actor Maurice Dorléac, the mother of actresses Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac, and the grandmother of actor Christian Vadim and actress Chiara Mastroianni.

Renée Simonot was one of the first French actresses to begin the dubbing of American films in France from the beginning of the talkies in 1929 through the 1930s.

Renee was survived by her children Catherine Deneuve, Sylvie Dorléac, Danielle Clariond, Françoise Dorléac and grandchildren.

Cause of death

Simonot died in Paris on July 2021 at the age of 109

The cause of her death is not yet known. There have been several reports of her death but none mentioned what actually led to her death.

This post will be updated once the cause is made public.

Renée Dorléac Profile Summary

Full Name Jeanne Renée Deneuve
Date of Birth  September 10, 1911
Occupation Actress
Marital Status Married, Divorced
No. of Children 4
Date of Death  July 11, 2021
Age of Death 109
Cause of Death To Be Confirmed
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