John Dixon Paragon was an American actor, writer, and director who died on Saturday. He is known for his work on the television series Pee-wee’s Playhouse, in which he portrayed the characters Jambi the Genie and Pterri; he also served as a writer and director on a number of episodes.

Paragon kept his private life off social media or any kind of limelight and so it is difficult to get hold of any related information.

cause of death

Paragon died at age 66 on April 3 in Palm Springs, but his death was not publicized until earlier this month. He reportedly became reclusive later in life. The Riverside County Coroner’s Office attributed his death to heart disease compounded by “significant conditions” of chronic alcohol abuse.

John Paragon profile summary

Full Name John Dixon Paragon
Date of Birth December 9, 1954
Occupation Actor
Marital Status
No. of Children
Date of Death  April 3, 2021
Age of Death 66
Cause of Death Heart Disease
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